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What is IP Phone?

    IP Phones are sometimes called VoIP telephones, SIP phones or soft phones. These are just different names for a device/software client that is designed to support the transmission of voice over the internet, or what is better known as VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Difference between Analog and IP Phone.
                         Analog phones are the same kind of phones that you've been using for years. The phones in your house are quite likely, analog phones. That means they're extremely reliable, familiar and very easy to use. You just plug them in, and they do what they've always done. IP phones are a little more complicated, since they're little more like computers. Since IP phones plug into the LAN the same way your computer does, you don't need to run phone wires to each workstation at all.

Why IP Phone?        

                          The challenge with standard telephone lines is that you are tethered to the location of the phone number. VoIP is tied to an IP phone, allowing you to make calls from any location where there is an available internet connection. You can take your number and telephone service with you as you travel anywhere in the world.

VoIP apps are available in the app stores of most Internet-ready devices. You don't have to be equipped with a smart phone in order to use the device as a phone

It's well known that VoIP international rates are some of the cheapest you can find. One of the biggest advantages of using VoIP to make international calls is that you can use a phone number from another country that helps you establish a local presence without having to staff an office abroad.

How do IP Phone Works?

                          The “IP” in IP phone system refers to Voice over IP, or having your phone calls routed over the internet or your local network (LAN). This is great for many reasons. First of all, you don’t have to use the telephone network of your telephony service provider for making calls, which will reduce your costs for phone calls. At the same time you are gaining many technical advantages by using IP technology for your telephony.
Users of an VoIP phone system simply plug their IP phone into the nearest LAN port. Then, the IP phone registers automatically at the VoIP phone system. The IP phone always keeps its number, and behaves exactly the same way, no matter where you plug it in – on your desk, in the office next door or on a tropical island.


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