Tuesday, 27 January 2015

2N® Helios IP Vario

Safety is the state of being "safe”, the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational or other types or consequences of failure, damage, erroraccidentsharm or any other event which could be considered non-desirable. It can include protection of people or of possessions. Now a days safety becomes an important part of every one’s life.

The 2N® Helios IP Vario sets out to solve the problem of safety in every field or area viz it is home, offices, industries etc. The 2N® Helios IP Vario intercom is an ideal product for any door communication environment. It can be used for the home or office, and thanks to its many accessories, such as the display, card reader, attendance system, and keypad, it offers a broad range of uses. The entire intercom system and its controls on the display adapt to your needs easily, and all of the settings and controls can be managed remotely through an Internet connection. 

Door communication system 2N® Helios IP Vario - Electrical Installation

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  • One Box solution
  • Display, card reader, keypad, camera
  • Full duplex audio
  • Video
  • Remote administration
  • Indoor/outdoor installation
  • Cisco certificate
Intended for
  • Retail & SOHO
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Large Multinational Corporation
  • State administration
  • Design firm
Areas of use
  • Office buildings
  • Residential complexes
  • Airports
  • Government institutions
  • Educational facilities
  • Hospitals


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