Tuesday, 28 July 2015

IP Cameras: Selecting The Right Surveillance Camera System !!

               Security is the most sought after thing in our lives. The desire for security cameras have gone from a want to a basic necessity both in the personal and professional front. To prevent your house or business being broken into, you can get IP Cameras set in your convenient location.

Making this decision without going any further is really important and
Grandstream Camera
as it’s not just the desire of security cameras, but the right need to keep security intact. After selecting the right camera for yourself, get to know the best location for installation. Location of the camera should be such that you can get the entire view of the room or the area from one single point.

The 2 most important type of camera are analog or IP. The major difference between the two is the same thing which takes place with the recorder with a video cassette (analog) and digital camcorder (IP). Though both the types are transmitted through a network, there is a major benefit of the IP video surveillance camera is that the IP cameras are only capable of having megapixel resolution. Though majorly thermal and infrared cameras were available in analog versions, the market is being well taken over with IP cameras replacing analog cameras, if the video surveillance market is concerned

Location of the camera:
Working Diagram of IP Camera
The security camera is a really crucial component of security and even more important is the location of the camera, as placing the camera in the wrong spot may get you nothing effective. The placement of the camera should be such that the entire activities happening beneath can be surveyed and constantly monitored pretty well.

How does it work?
IP cameras are connected to a network of electronic devices. Wireless connection is preferred more due better convenience and flexibility. After the connection is made, the remote viewing through the computer is made possible. IP cameras can enable live web streaming over the internet and like a regular video camera; it can be send to other devices on the network, with higher video resolution for better clarity to the viewers 

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